Why to buy a business in spain

At this moment in the country we have so many Spanish businesses for sale due to market reasons and the COVID pandemic period. That means a great opportunity for investors

For strategic reasons these companies in Spain are open to talk about a sale (partial, some cases minority or a majority stake). Also there are other reasons : shareholders retirement , family members struggles , need to join a bigger group to face future challenges, etc

Also the Spanish conjecture shows a great recovery for the period 2021/2022 of the GNP and pre-COVID figures

A Corporate Finance has the opportunity to sign a wide range of exclusive SELL-SIDE mandates to present investors or industrial groups

Buy-Side Mandates

Some business or company owners contact Corporate Finance and M&A agents indicating that they are open to sell but they have not keen on signing active sell side mandate. The reasons may be, bad past experiences, lack of financial knowledge or even fear to disclose to a third party that the company is “for sale”

In that case the most appropriate tool, is to sign a Buy-Side mandate to reach these companies and other targets , considering geographic or sector filters .